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I’m Gaia and my business is giving voice to stories that matter.

As a journalist and producer I juggle between at least three languages and three media to find the best way to tell stories.

Competent in multiplatform production, I enjoy researching international news and finding the human interest behind events and figures. I write articles and produce video and audio reports  about society, culture, development, science, healthcare, international affairs and much more.

Follow me if you can: Italian by birth, I’ve lived and worked in France, Uk, Germany, China and now South Africa, and I spend as much time as I can travelling the world. Maybe we have met in Libreville, Paris, Beijing, or Montreal: I am ready to follow stories and projects worldwide.

I tell real stories in a way that you want to engage with them, which brought me to conceive and manage a brand new communication strategy at the Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation, University of Pretoria, where I am in charge of translating academic research and data into readable content for news and social media. I am currently focusing on open data projects such as The Land Matrix. I create the communication strategy and build the websites that go with it.

You don’t know something until you are able to teach it: as a  HR trainer and language teacher I put my multidisciplinary experience at the service of others.

You can listen to my travel adventures on the podcast Accidentally in Joburg. As a pioneer of podcasting in Italian, I also produce and host the African current affairs show “Yebo!” on Radio Bullets.

Past missions of mine include: research and communication at a UN agency, event management for NGOs, juggling, acting in plays for young audiences.

When I do not write, I travel, bake and make mistakes. And then I travel a bit more.
I hardly do one thing at a time, and I do almost all of them while talking.

To keep up with my projects check my social stream, and connect on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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