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They say: #Personalities: Gaia Manco, founder of The Leipziger -The Leipzig Glocal

Gaia on Leipzig Glocal
June 2015
Source: The Leipzig Glocal, Leipzig

The Leipziger has been a popular online magazine among international people in Leipzig. Everyone I’ve talked to about my desire to start a webzine (which is finally happening with this here Leipzig Glocal), has mentioned The Leipziger and its founder, Gaia Manco. Gaia is a fellow “citizen of the world” (a glocal kindred spirit?) and a dynamo of a woman I met during a colleague’s PhD defense a couple years back (the colleague happened to be her husband). Even there, right after I approached her because I liked her bright dress and smile so much, she told me about her publication, which she was obviously very excited about. Unfortunately, Gaia has had to leave for South Africa, so The Leipziger has been a tad hard to maintain. But this didn’t prevent me from picking her brain a bit in this 10-question Q&A – on both her relationship with Leipzig and adventures in interviewing, writing and publishing here for an international audience – via e-mail earlier this month.

Q: Hello Gaia. Thank you very much for agreeing to do this Q&A with me. First of all, can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?
A: I’m Gaia, 32 years old, multimedia journalist and producer. But also communications and media manager, web-mistress (it’s not porn, it’s code), podcaster, teacher, feminist activist, traveler, cook, gardener and hopeless estimator of Hercule Poirot. Italian by birth, I recently moved to Johannesburg after a year living between Europe, South Africa and China. My last home was Leipzig… ”

Read the whole interview on the Leipzig Glocal.

Thank you Ana for having me: I’m a Leipglo reader!