Per le strade di Colonia, Gaia Manco

Writing an editorial: “Sulle strade di Colonia” “On the streets of Cologne” -LDV, Radio Vaticana, Mail and Guardian blog…

On January 8th 2016 I published, on the collective feminist blog that I co-created, the editorial “Per le strade di  Colonia” as a reaction to the sexual harassment cases of New Year’s eve in Cologne, Germany.

The article went on to live its own life. It became “viral”: in a week, the article has been viewed almost 65.000 times (sixtyfive thousands! 63.873 at the time I’m writing) driving an amount of traffic to the site that we had never seen or imagined before. Social media word of mouth only was behind these impressive numbers: we are talking about a feminist article, written in Italian on a free wordpress blog! On all the FB pages where it was published and republished, it gathered hundreds, thousands and dozens of thousands of views. I was the first to be taken by surprise by it and by all that comes with it, including the bleak world of internet comments.

In the following days I was interviewed by Radio Vaticana on the topic:,_amplificazione_di_ordinarie_aggressioni_alle_donne/1199944

The English version was republished on the Blog Thought Leader of the Mail and Guardian, one of the main South African newspapers:

More interviews are coming, I will update the page as they are published.


Type: Editorial
Media outlet: Blog, Radio, Newspapers’ blog
Publications: Le Donne Visibili, Radio Vaticana, Thought Leader