Home page of the Leipziger on January 25 2013

The Leipziger

Home page of the Leipziger on January 25 2013

It is difficult to say what The Leipziger is. It is a news and lifestyle online magazine, content curation and blog about the city of Leipzig, where I moved in October 2011. It’s a local online paper for international readers, it’s a way to give voice and offer news to the growing international community of Leipzig but also to make the city known outside the Saxonian borders.

It’s colorful and serious.

Leipzig, city of science and culture, “poor city of Germany”, “the better Berlin”, the “place to be”. For me Leipzig is a story to tell, a story that no one was telling from the inside. I am trying my chance.  It is entrepreneurial, social, experimental and reckless.


Publication: Online magazine
Launch date: December 2012
Role: Publisher, editor and everything in between