Burglary with assault: professional consequences

On Thursday 18 October I was victim of a burglary with assault at my apartment in Leipzig.

The thief stole all my professional equipment and assaulted me when I found him at my doorstep.

I am well and I am committed to helping the police in every way I can.


Unfortunately, the theft of all my recording and editing equipment -including my laptop and memory cards and sticks- means the loss of some of the material I was working on.

Since I am working for or I have recently interviewed some among  you and some among you were looking forward to (thank you!) listening to my next reports, I decided to update you all on my recent projects and on how I plan to proceed following the burglary.

I believe that the best way to proceed is to work on new ideas and assignments while keeping an eye on completing what I can realistically complete -for some it is just a matter of time, although timing is sometime essential in journalism- and letting go of what is lost.

I have to delay or cancel my current projects, namely:

Editing of the multimedia documentary on mental health in Ghana: delayed until further notice/cancelled: video lost, audio maybe retrieved.

Editing of the JayNii story in Accra (long version): cancelled – video lost

Report from Mozambique to be aired end October by DW: cancelled -audio/video completely lost. Probably replaced by an article.

Reports about Women in Science for DW Science: delayed until I buy again a professional recorder and camera.

Group video “Italians abroad”: delayed – video lost. Some of you sent me their videos, could you please send them again?

This adds up to the loss of some photos, archive material and a video that I was making for my best friends’ wedding.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. If you noticed something that I did not mention, or want me to write/shoot/edit/plan new pieces please get in touch.