The best advice I got this year: make it suck

I’ve been lucky enough to meet and work with interesting and knowledgeable professionals. You know who you are. So I got a lot of very good advices for my career along the way.
When I don’t get the chance  to meet them I try to look for and learn from them though their work. Of course I appreciate when someone makes this effort easier. Inside the Story by multimedia producer Adam Westbrook is a collection of those good advices in one -free!- book.

If you are working on an independent project or you’re a freelancer, John Pavlus‘ advice is by far the best way to motivate you: MAKE IT SUCK.

“If worshipping “greatness” means stuff just stays in your head, that’s no good”

We all have great ideas for a documentary or an article and the fear of not making them as great as they are in our heads prevents us from actually making them  at all. So know it from the start: make it suck, but make it. Making it perfect often means not making it at all.

My professional resolution for 2013 is: make a lot of good pieces that are not perfect but that are there, and published: because I decided to make them suck.