Millennium Front Theatre in Leipzig

Theater: The pen is a sword on Napoleon’s battlefield – Feature for Deutsche Welle English

Which battles are you involved in? European artists provide answers 200 years after Napoleon’s defeat at the Battle of Nations in Leipzig. Their experimental communal theater project brings audiences to the “front.”

Millennium Front Theatre in Leipzig

It looks like a quirky military camp for a tiny army in an abandoned field, but it’s actually a stage. Here the “fringe ensemble,” a theater company from Bonn, and the Schaubühne Lindefels, a Leipzig cultural center, are producing a work in progress that they call “Millennium Front Theater.”
The experimental performance is taking place this week at the Jahrtausendfeld (Millennium Field) in Plagwitz, an industrial district that was the site of the Battle of Nations in 1813.  Read the full article here on DW website


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Date 13.06.2013
Type: Feature article
Outlet: Deutsche Welle
Place: Leipzig

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