Photo credit: Lee Berger et al. "Homo Naledi Figure 2".

The real story behind mankind’s new ancestor – Interview for DW 15.09.2015

The real story behind mankind's new ancestor by Gaia Manco for DW

The real story behind mankind’s new ancestor, Gaia Manco for DW

On the 10th of September the existence of the Homo Naledi was revealed to the world. The remains of a hitherto unknown relative of the human species was unearthed near Johannesburg, South Africa.

Interview: Gaia Manco, Johannesburg, South Africa / Gudrun Heise

Listen to the interview here: Mankind’s new ancestor


Date: 15.09.2015
Type: As-live Interview (as reporter in the field) 6 min.
Language: English
Outlet: Deutsche Welle
Place: Johannesburg, South Africa