Pulse: South African students' struggle for free higher education

Pulse: South African students’ struggle for free higher education -Audio Report for DW 09.11.2016-

South African university students are continuing the struggle for a free decolonised higher education. The protests of 2016 reignited when in October the government allowed universities to increase fees for 2017, after any increase was frozen for 2016. As an emergency response to demonstrations, which in some cases ended with violence, universities decided to close their doors while still holding end of year exams. The protesters are first and foremost students and had to cope with the fact the in many cases classes were canceled or transferred online. DW reporter Gaia Manco met University of Pretoria students on the first day they were allowed back on the campus: on exam day.


Date: 9.11.2016
Type: Radio report 6 min. “Silent higher education”, first report of the radio show Pulse
Language: English
Outlet: Deutsche Welle
Place: Pretoria, South Africa