Radio Colonia, 22 February 2013: intervista con Gaia Manco

Interview with Radio Colonia, WDR: The Leipziger, my life as a journalist and anything in between

To Lipsia with love” an interview with the colleagues of Radio Colonia, the Italian language radio show of the German public broadcaster WDR.


Yes, for once I was on the other site of the fence. The great voice of Paola Fabbri asked me about my  nomadic career and life, and about my new endeavour in online journalism: “The Leipziger“.

Interview at Radio Colonia WDR

Listen to the interview here

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And yes, I was embarrassed.


Type: as live interview in a radio studio (MDR, Leipzig)
Outlet: Radio, WDR, Radio Colonia
Broadcast date: 22/02/2013